Katelia (b. 1975), French and deeply attached to her Maltese origins, has been living and working between Malta and Paris since 2016. She is still involved in the Parisian artistic community life where she exhibits regularly. In 1999 she completed her DNSEP degree at the Beaux-Arts de Rennes. She creates installations combining photography, sculpture, and writing. She believes that the traces of the past reflect into the present while she is also very curious about our perception of the space and marine environment.

Familja migrAzzjoni

Familja migrAzzjoni – I was born there, but I live here…

Katelia’s project explores the memory, traces, and marks of the past on the present, how we integrate them, and how we bury them. She needs to understand why people move; the attraction and the repulsion of migrating. Katelia believes that if we have a better understanding of this, then we would have more empathy towards each other.
“Familja migrazzjoni” begins with the lineage of three members of Katelia’s Maltese family, her great-grandmother, her grandfather and her father who all have their own unique stories linked with identity and migration. Katelia meets different people with unparalleled migratory routes, leading her to enlarge her family with new members from all over the world who have their own personal stories on migration.

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The Strada Stretta Concept under the auspices of the Valletta 2018 Foundation presents a performance of visual art and Għana in « Mosaic-Għana-Mużajk ».

French photographer & artist Katel Delia aka Katelia, will be joining forces with a group of għannejja from Żejtun, for another Strada Stretta Concept event, under the artistic direction of Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci.

Katelia who has family roots in Żejtun, was introduced to Ta’ Ġanna bar in Żejtun by Schembri Bonaci, Continuer la lecture de « Mosaic-Għana-Mużajk »


Katelia – Katel Delia
France : +33 (0)6 14 819 821
Malta: +356 77 819 822

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