Katel Delia
When life offers you to follow two passions / two carriers
Thanks to
my degree D.N.S.E.P at les Beaux-Arts in Rennes (1999)
my diploma at Ecole Gobelins in Paris on internet technologies (2000)
and my desire to explore new challenges

UX designer / Project Manager
Freelance for over 15 years, I help Companies, NGOs to design their interactive tools, website, intranet, business application for mobile support, desktop or interactive terminal. I support companies in expressing your needs, users research, defining user journeys, organising and facilitating co-creation workshops, prototyping, etc. I facilitate the implementation of UX methods into your company through personalised training.

Visual Artist

In 2015, I finally decided to exhibit my artistic projects. I create installations combining photography, sculpture, and writing. I focuses on how traces of the past reflect into the present especially in migration's context. I am also investigating our perception of space